Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Excursions for Cruise Ship Passengers

You’ve booked your 2023 Alaskan cruise and are ready to plan your excursions. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned cruiser, if you want to fish, you should fish in Ketchikan.

With our pristine water, close fishing grounds and abundance of salmon, Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions are the best in all of Alaska.

And Chasin’ Tail is the best guide for those salmon fishing excursions. I’m local. I know what makes a fishing excursion great and I tailor every trip to my guests – your trip, your way.

Why choose Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions?

To put it simply, we’re the Salmon Capital of the World and for good reason!

Ketchikan began as a fishing camp for the Alaskan natives who knew they could depend on an abundance of salmon every year. It’s no different today where locals and travelers alike count on our annual robust salmon runs. And salmon fishing is built into the very fiber of our culture.

Because of this, Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions are a better start to finish experience than other options along your way in Alaska!

Why choose Chasin’ Tail for Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions?

Born and raised in Ketchikan, I know what makes a day on the water great and what makes the best Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions.

My Half Day Charters are a great way to get out on the water, see the sights and experience the adventure of Alaskan salmon fishing.

I’ll meet you on the dock when your ship berths. Most often Chasin’ Tail will be docked right alongside your cruise ship. It’s one of the fastest departure times in Ketchikan. Then its short travel times, 20 to 30 minutes, to productive fishing grounds in protected waters. And I’ll get you back to your ship in time for departure, dropping you off at the same convenient spot where I picked you up.

Why book your Ketchikan fishing charter directly through Chasin’ Tail?

I think you should go fishing, not get taken fishing. So every Chasin’ Tail fishing excursion is customized for my guests. I want to get to know you and what you want from your fishing excursion to ensure its your trip, your way. When you book directly with me, we have the opportunity to plan an excursion tailored to you. And at Chasin’ Tail, you plan with me, book with me, get picked up by me and fish with me!

Three men three salmon
Bald Eagle Getting Bait
Retired Woman with Salmon