Things To Do Ketchikan, Alaska!

Our welcomed guests have many things to do Ketchikan, Alaska — cruise ship passengers, airline visitors and those who take the majestic Alaska Marine Highway System through the Inside Passage find themselves treated to a vast rolodex of unique things to do Ketchikan. With a plethora of hiking trails, beaches, tours and local area attractions in abundance its no surprise our guests drop in again and again for a taste of authentic Alaskan adventure!

We’ve compiled a list below of Things to Do Ketchikan that will give you a great jumpstart on your travel experience!

Hiking in Ketchikan

Deer Mountain:

You may find this mountain familiar from photos of Ketchikan as it is situated centrally and prominently above downtown Ketchikan where all the hustle and bustle from cruise ship passengers takes place.

Dude Mountain:

Arguably, the very best mountain top view in Ketchikan. You will have to see this local area experience to believe it. Transportation will be necessary, but if the best sightseeing views are priority then do not pass this up.

Ward Lake:

A level 3.5 mile trail that allows you to circumnavigate the entire lake front. Keep an eye out for local beavers
and stop on the bridge on the back side to get a better look around.

Perseverance Lake:

This is a peaceful and mildly exerting hike. This hiking trail is well maintained by the Ketchikan local Forest Service branch.

Lunch Creek:

This hike is located 18 miles north of Ketchikan in Settlers Cove. It is beautiful and remote but the difficult level is relatively high. There are plenty of bears out this way so make sure to pack some pepper spray.

Rainbird Trail:

You don’t have to go far from the cruise ship passenger docks to reach this trail and it takes you right through the heart of Ketchikan.

Married Mans Trail:

An old secret trail that led many a married man down to Ketchikan’s Historic Red Light District on a beautiful little boardwalk development known as Creek Street.

Deer Mountain-Blue Lake-Lake Silvas Backcountry Hike:

This is one of the longer hikes in Ketchikan and at 13 miles should only be attempted by visitors who are in excellent shape. It is recommended you make a two day trip out of it and make a stop at the Blue Lake Cabin overnight to take the edge of the physical demands of the experience. This trip will take you from city limits to remote wilderness on the south side of Revillagegado.

Download a copy of a U.S. Forest Service Trail Guide for Ketchikan, Alaska!


Settlers Cove:

This location has a fantastic network of developed camp sites with covered picnic areas, metal fire pits and updated restroom facilities. A beautiful stretch of beachfront graces this location and in spawning season it hosts a vast number of Pacific Salmon making their run up Lunch Creek. Without a doubt, this is one of the best camping/beach locations on Revillagegado Island. It faces off toward deeper waters with outlying islands making a great backdrop for the incredible sunsets that occur almost daily.

Refuge Cove:

A popular location for locals to have bonfires and family get togethers. Large deposits of sand are found in this location as well as a intertidal zone that is flush with sea life ready to be explored! A must see location if you are traveling with children!

Bugge Beach:

This beach is relatively close at only 6 miles south of town. Very well funded maintenance, plenty of parking and fantastic restroom facilities are maintained by local sponsors such as The Rotary Club. There is a man made pool that stays partially full even at low tide. The perfect location for skipping rocks as smooth round stones abound and the pool is as calm as glass in the evening. Venture out to the small island you can reach without getting your toes wet at low tide!

Shore Excursions


World class kayaking can be found in and around Ketchikan as an abundance of killer whales, seals, humpback whales, eagles and more ensure you will have the best of company as you navigate the gorgeous Inside Passage waterways. Its often said that this is one of the top activities in Ketchikan to experience. With Misty Fjords National Monument days trips available, this is an option If you have time, why not take a water taxi or full-day trip into the Misty Fjords?


If you have some time constraints or just want to see the renowned Misty Fjords National Monument from a unique perspective – experience of the most exhilarating things to do Ketchikan – a flightseeing tour in a real Alaskan Bush Seaplane! Docked at the illustrious Doyon’s Landing, we strongly recommend you get up, up and away with Misty Fjords Air & Outfitting and
their seasoned pilots on their flightseeing charter for an unreal adventure capturing a birds eye view of one of Alaska’s greatest natural treasures!

Local Attractions

Southeast Alaska Discovery Center:

For just a couple dollars be treated to a diverse quantity of colorful local information, videos, and frequent presentations from local
wildlife and cultural experts.

The Fish Pirates Daughter:

This musical melodrama has been a local fixture in Ketchikan, Alaska spanning over 5 decades — this truly is one of the vintage of all things to do Ketchikan. The best part of this performance is the all-you-can-eat-crab fest that will be an experience appreciated by even the most finicky foodie!

Blueberry Festival:

Every year in early August, the depth of Ketchikan’s arts and culture community come alive with their Annual Beard Contest, a vast variety of blueberry goodies, a hair raising banana slug race, and quality hand crafts galore.

The Monthly Grind:

The best local artists in the region come to perform an intimate live performance at Saxman’s legendary Totem Lodge! A must see local experience!

Places to Eat

Burger Queen:

Before you select from among the many things to do Ketchikan, try out this popular local hamburger joint that is guaranteed not to disappoint. If you need to put an end to a serious case of the munchies then check out the “The Big Boy” which is a traditional cheeseburger with a tantalizing slab of ham over the top and a big side of their signature curly fries. Don’t forget, the milkshakes should be included on every order!

Annabelle’s Keg and Chowder House:

This is a true old-fashioned bar/restaurant with an elegant 1920’s interior. Tantalizing American menu items with Alaskan seafood options en masse.

Cape Fox Restaurant:

Fine dining with a view from from the tops of the lengthy Sitka Spruce. Make sure you try and clam chowder and the crab and brie dip!

Bar Harbor:

A great waterfront location that provides an excellent dining experience with a menu that is a sure bet to satisfy any travelers hunger pangs.

Take a sneak peak at more dining options in Ketchikan, Alaska!


VRBO – Alaska Travel Accommodations:

Discover a selection of homes, apartments, and other vacation rentals in Ketchikan that are perfect for your trip. Whether you’re traveling with your kids or with friends, vacation homes have the best amenities for hanging out with the people that matter most, such as WiFi and cable TV. You’ll be sure to find a rental that has what everyone needs, including options that are accessible or non-smoking.

The Cape Fox Lodge:

A luxurious 69 room facility built overlooking downtown Ketchikan with authentic Native American decor. Featuring overstuffed furniture throughout, an espresso store and a high quality seasonal menu restaurant onsite, there is plenty to see in do without ever leaving the premises. Take the tram directly from the hotel down to Creek Street to get right in the thick of things or take a walk out back and view the many locally carved totem poles that all tell a unique story of their own!

The Landing:

This is Ketchikan’s local offering of Best Western accommodations. The hotel comes with a front and center view of the Tongass Narrows and is also home to two of the most popular places to eat in Ketchikan featuring Jeremiahs Pub & The Landing Restaurant — a local favorite cafe style establishment. With plenty of menu options, a cozy interior & full cocktail service you will be sure to wind down your evenings in comfort after a busy day of Alaskan Adventures! Comes with high speed internet and WIFI, an exercise room as well as cable TV & shuttle service.